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Amazing Salad Bowls
All salad bowls have a food safe finish. 
They may be hand washed with soap and water only. If they appear dry apply mineral oil. 
The above Walnut bowl has been turned to expose the beautiful grain and mauve as well as the tan it contains. It is perfect for a salad. It is 12.75"dia. x 5"H. It will hold up to salad dressing and enhance the salad. 
This Walnut bowl has been turned exposing the knots and thus cracks that have food safe metal inlay to accent the lines that appeared. A food safe finish covers this inlay making it safe for a salad. The grain and mauve in this bowl is exceptional. It has some of the tan due to spalting but not as much as the bowl below. It makes an excellent salad bowl as well as a piece of art.  It is approx. 11.25"dia. x 4.75"H. 
This bowl has been turned from Spalted Maple. It has very dramatic grain and colors due to the minerals that it absorbed when growing. The spalting added a lot of interest and more work to get a good finish. The food safe finish protects the bowl and the salad. This bowl would be beautiful on your table even without the salad.  It measures 11"dia. x 4"H.
​Many new bowls are available for purchase in the